SoccerHub Elite

SoccerHub Elite is a weekly professional training programme, based at Marley Coaching Centre, Keighley. Due to the success of SoccerHub’s Weekly Soccer Courses in developing players that have now joined Professional Football Clubs, an Elite group was set up to provide further Advanced Coaching for those players already showing a good level of footballing ability.

The Elite programme is an invite only group of players selected from SoccerHub’s Weekly Soccer Courses or identified by coaching staff in Grassroots football.

SoccerHub Elite:

  • All members of staff work at Professional Football Clubs – SoccerHub Elite staff all have current roles within Professional Football Club Academies – Preston North End, Leeds United and Burnley Football Club.


  • All coaching staff are UEFA/FA qualified & DBS checked – sessions run by these coaches replicate those that take place in Professional Football Academies, aimed around Technical and Tactical development of players, whilst maintaining a friendly and safe environment for children.


  • Groups of selected players that are already at a good level of footballing ability – advanced players looking to further their footballing ability are able to develop their skills together with similar players, in a more professional coaching session.


  • Small groups of players – allowing more dedicated coaching time to each individual and providing each player more time on the ball in each training drill.


  • Coaching takes place on a large artificial pitch – providing the ideal surface to develop players technical ability with the ball.


  • Opportunities to play competitive games as a SoccerHub Elite Team – fixtures against Professional Clubs.


  • Feedback from SoccerHub coaches on player development – parents can discuss player’s footballing development within the Elite programme to highlight any areas the player can work on to improve.


The programme provides a middle-ground between the fun Soccer Sessions and being signed by a Professional Club Academy. All the Elite staff work at Professional Football Academies and are able to provide opportunities to train & trial at these Clubs, if they show the required level of footballing ability.


To find out more about SoccerHub’s Elite training programme, please email

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